Sticky Spiked Apple Cake and Saving Money in the Kitchen

This Time Last Year

How about a sticky spiked double-apple cake with brown sugar brandy sauce to kick off the fall? Yes, that's our plan too. See that recipe from a year ago this week, plus good resources on baking bread, recipes with fresh feta cheese, what to do with green tomatoes, a website that helps coordinate meals for people, and saving money in the kitchen with Craigslist.

• All about bread: How to shape a round loaf, and have you tried the whole wheat no-knead bread?

• Clever flex-it measuring cups.

• Four recipes with feta cheese.

Mealbaby: making it easier to share food with people who need a homecooked meal.

Miso potato salad with yellow wax beans. Also, sweet potato with maple-pecan-shallot butter. Awesome lunch!

• Do you leave the dishes to the next morning?

• Steak can be a frugal meal.

• Fabulous apple recipes: Sticky spiked double-apple cake with brown sugar brandy sauce and tarte aux pommes. Plus, crab apples poached in sweet wine.

• Great appetizer! Butternut squash and Parmesan dip.

• Why farmers and grocery stores still stock Red Delicious apples.

• A few ways that Craigslist can save you money in the kitchen.

• A beautiful (and cheap) spice storage solution.

Kitchen tour with a jam-maker.

What to do with green tomatoes.

Ricotta, fig, and honey breakfast tartine.

• What's your favorite eating apple?

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