Fresh Fish, Bulk Foods, and Jamie Oliver's Gadget

Fresh Fish, Bulk Foods, and Jamie Oliver's Gadget

Faith Durand
Oct 2, 2009

Plus — illustrated guide to chicken giblets, all about cocktail bitters, a (sort of) home cooked wedding feast, and squash pasta with sage.

Candy-making basics - Working with hot sugar!

• What do you think of the IKEA CHARM grater?

Savory Kabocha squash and tofu pie

• Have you tried Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker gadget?

• An illustrated guide to chicken giblets.

• Mark Bittman's baked eggs.

• All about bitters.

• How to inspect fish for freshness.

• Hearty oatmeal toasting bread.

• Which foods do you buy in bulk?

• Make fresh garden pickles!

• A tray for magnets over the stove.

Bag-in-box wine -- not so awful as you think!

Pasta with squash, sage, and pine nuts.

• The story of a (sort of) home cooked wedding.

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