This Smart, Inexpensive Pot Rack Has a Secret

This Smart, Inexpensive Pot Rack Has a Secret

Faith Durand
Jun 30, 2016
Pot rack
(Image credit: Will Strawser)

I spotted this terrific pot rack in a recent house tour at Apartment Therapy, and I had to look closer. This rack has everything — let us count the ways. But before I enumerate all the things I like about it, can you spot the one ingenious thing that makes it stand out?

(Image credit: Will Strawser )

A Smart Upgrade for an Inexpensive Rack

This is an inexpensive Plumeet rack with a simple yet smart upgrade: The owner painted it! Here's what he says.

We actually spray-painted it the gold that you see using Rust-oleum's Specialty Metallic gold spray paint!

The cheap upgrade makes this look a million times more luxe, and it adds a glam gleam to the small kitchen in this 420-square-foot studio.

(Image credit: Will Strawser )

Speaking of small kitchens, how great is this rack for small spaces? I promised I'd count the things I love about it, but it's hard to know where to start.

I like that it's a wall rack (as opposed to a hanging rack), as I am short and a wall rack keeps things closer. I love that there is space not only for a few key pots and lids, but also canisters for utensils and a slot for knives. If you have a small kitchen with little space for all these essentials, this is a terrific option for efficient storage.

And all for a very low price — this retails for about $28, and still looks like a million bucks, thanks to that paint job (and the recycled wood wall; this tour is full of great ideas!).

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