Jamie Oliver's Red, White & Blue Pantry Makes Me Want to Be a More Organized Person

Pretty Pantries

I find photos of organized pantries to be so seductive, like little fantasy kitchen worlds in which I never make a mess and always serve whole grain pasta. (Fantasy pantries — is that like fantasy football for cooks?)

This pantry is the latest in eye candy around here; isn't it pretty? It makes me want to line my jars up in a row. And its 'll decked out in red, white, and blue, too, just in time for the 4th. Ironically, it's from a Brit — Jamie Oliver himself.

No, I don't know whether this is in Jamie's house (quite unlikely) but it's a picture featuring his Jamie at Home line of swing-top jars.

And while we're here and on the topic, let me just say that I do like flip-top jars the best for storage. Sure, mason jars are ubiquitous and cheap, but swing-top jars have the advantage of a lid that doesn't come apart in several pieces. And look at the color-coding here — so cute.

→ Find them: Colorful Flip Jars from Jamie at Home (U.K. only)

But could you ever keep your pantry so organized? Not I. That's why it's fantasy.

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(Image credits: Jamie at Home)