This Party Is Bananas

This Party Is Bananas

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Lisa Freedman
Oct 14, 2016

Sometimes the perfect party idea is sitting right there in your fruit bowl. Just take this banana-centric first birthday, which Alison Faulkner (the blogger behind The Alison Show) threw for her son.

The pics are so a-peel-ing, we want to make an adult version.

Of course there was a banana "stand," where guests could dip frozen bananas in chocolate and cover them with toppings. Other activities involved decorating party hats, bopping people with a giant inflatable banana, and eating banana-shaped cookies.

This theme could work for an Andy Warhol fan — or any adult who likes to monkey around.

Even if you hate bananas, there's a key takeaway here: Sometimes, the simplest thing (a fruit, a word, a color, etc.) can lead to a great party theme. That's something we like a bunch!

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