(Image credit: Eleanor Büsing)

After my kitchen renovation last year I got a lot (and I mean a lot) of questions about my marble countertops. Did I like them? Are they holding up? Apologies to all the people who have asked — I owe you a follow-up post. (Short answer: Yes to all.) But since I'm now in the Marble Club, I always notice marble in other people's kitchens.

Like this one, an utterly luscious marble backsplash in Jane and Alex Bonsor's London kitchen.

(Image credit: Eleanor Büsing)

This is a smart and practical way to get the stunning look of marble in your kitchen, without worrying so much about etching and staining (if you do worry about those things). Instead of using marble on the countertops, Jane and Alex used it just as a backsplash, and used what looks like plain white quartz or Corian on the counters themselves.

They say they used Carrara marble (although, I have to say, to me it looks more like Calacatta). Lovely and smart, and quite dramatic!

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Do you have marble in your kitchen? Would you ever?