(Image credit: Golden Boys and Me)

This is a nice-looking kitchen island, don't you think? But what if I told you that it's not a one-piece island at all, but rather a clever DIY project made up of a few IKEA pieces. Can you guess how it was done?

(Image credit: Golden Boys and Me)

If you guessed BILLY bookcases, you're right!

When Courtney of the blog Golden Boys and Me removed the load-bearing wall between her living room and kitchen, she kept a column in the middle of the space for support, which she soon found a little intrusive.

So she decided to build an island around the column — and she did so with the help of three 31" x 40" BILLY bookcases and a butcher block NUMERAR countertop from IKEA. She then gave the island a more custom look with moulding and beadboard on the side. We're impressed!

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