This Kitchen Demonstrates the Power of One Awesome Light Fixture

Kitchen Spotlight

After renting a house that came with a Sputnik light fixture in the kitchen, I have an appreciation for a really dramatic lighting statement. Even a modest rental kitchen can get such a shot of juice and personality from a great light. I think that Krzysztof's kitchen in San Francisco is another very good example of this design principle in action. Let's take another look, shall we?

While Krzysztof's kitchen is nicer (although not much bigger) than my old rental kitchen, it's still quite simple and not flashy. The light fixture adds a personal statement of style that lifts the simple, clean lines out of nice territory and into great; it's really quite gorgeous.

Here it is as seen from the dining area. I feel like it makes even more sense to have a great light like this when you also have an open dining area.

A pendant light fixture like this is a great rental change. It's quite easy to swap out a ceiling light for another, more stylish one (and to switch it back when you move out).

And if you're jonesing for a similar pendant, check vintage shops. Krzysztof found his at The Other Shop in San Francisco.

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(Image credits: Theresa Gonzalez)