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You might imagine that as the host of the mega-popular television series Project Runway, Tim Gunn would showcase the 2013 Emmy he won for the show in a walk-in closet, or have the award hover over the TV as an ever-present reminder of his success. That assumption would be wrong. I was surprised to learn that Tim Gunn, in fact, keeps his Emmy in his favorite room in his New York apartment: the kitchen.

Tim Gunn's favorite thing to make in the kitchen is meatloaf
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Mhmm, that’s right. Tim Gunn loves to cook. I met him at the Nespresso holiday preview in SoHo last Tuesday, and while everyone was mostly asking about fashion, I wanted to talk meatloaf.

Here are some important food facts I learned from Tim Gunn that you can bust out the next time you watch Project Runway with your fashionable friends:

Fact #1: Tim Gunn keeps his Emmy for Project Runway in the kitchen because that's his favorite place in his apartment. Priorities, people.

Fact #2: Tim Gunn's favorite thing to make for dinner is meatloaf. He flattens out the ground beef, adds a bunch of cheddar cheese, and then rolls it up. He also likes making roast chicken or pasta. He's big into comfort foods.

Fact #3: Tim Gunn likes dinner more than breakfast or lunch (which he rarely eats).

Fact #4: Tim Gunn eats fruit for dessert.

Fact #5: Tim Gunn drinks Manhattans in the winter and G&Ts in the summer.

It just goes to show you that fashion and food can get along. Here’s hoping Tim Gunn wins another Emmy to adorn his spice rack.

→ Learn more about Tim Gunn from his Reddit AMA: Make it Work. Tim Gunn here from Project Runway, ask me anything.

(Image credits: Ariel Knutson; Emma Christensen)

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