Our Editors' Favorite Plastic Wrap Is the Same Brand Ina Uses

Our Editors' Favorite Plastic Wrap Is the Same Brand Ina Uses

Lisa Freedman
Aug 7, 2017
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Plastic wrap is a silly thing to have a strong opinion about, and yet us editors at Kitchn have one. You see, there's one brand of plastic wrap that our food editors buy for their own kitchens, where they test and develop all of our recipes. And it's the same brand that we use in our photo studio kitchen.

What brand is it? Keep reading for the big reveal.

Fun fact: It's also Ina Garten's favorite plastic wrap, which she's been sure to point out in her recent cookbooks.

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Our preferred plastic wrap is Stretch-tite. "Stretch-tite is the only plastic wrap, in my opinion. Everything else is a waste of your time and money," says Associate Food Editor Meghan Splawn. "I actually had no idea what this miracle product was until my first food styling job, many years ago. The lead stylist required that there only be Stretch-tite on set. At first I thought she was crazy, but once I started using it I realized why she was so particular. It's easier to roll out than other brands, thicker so it stretches better around bowls, and it does a much much better job of sticking to itself than other plastic wraps."

Buy: Stretch-tite, $6 for a 250-foot roll

The box even comes with an optional slide cutter, and we can't imagine anyone on the planet who wouldn't want to use it. With the slide cutter, you just pull out the length you want, zip the blue piece along the track, and you're done. No dealing with that not-sharp-enough, totally ineffective serrated blade that's attached to other boxes.

And it's not just great in the kitchen. We've noticed Stretch-tite in some surprising places. Namely, nail salons in New York City. That's right, we've seen giant boxes by the drying stations to be used to protect little toes from bumps for those of us who just have to put your shoes back on and hit the road.

Stretch-tite isn't as readily available as other popular brands, but you can find it on Amazon or in giant rolls at warehouse stores like Costco. Just know this: A 3,000-foot roll will probably last you from this Labor Day to Christmas ... in 2025.

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Do you agree? What plastic wrap do you buy and why?

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