This Egg Has a Surprise Inside: And It's One of My Favorite Easter Treats

Easter Projects

Have you ever made surprise eggs? Do you know what they are? I love them so much, I made them two Easters in a row! Take a look at what happens when you crack a surprise egg...

See? Candy inside! How did it get in there? (And yes, I know these eggs look different; the photo at the top was from my 2011 Easter dinner, and the one just above is from 2010. I like this project so much I did it two years in a row!)

How to Make Surprise Eggs

I got the instructions for these eggs from not martha — one of my favorite craft blogs.

The basic method is this: You dye eggs (if you want — I didn't bother dying my brown eggs), then cut the top off the egg, dump it out, and gently simmer it to sterilize it. Then you fill it with tiny candies, stick a small piece of paper or a little muffin cup on the bottom and attach a note. Mine said: "Crack me!"

It's definitely a project, but so fun! Both times it took me a couple hours to put together about a dozen of these little eggs. And if you have extra time (or skill) you can go one step further and line the inside with chocolate!

Get Detailed Instructions for Surprise Eggs at Not Martha

The best part of making these is how fun it is to watch guests crack them open. Some people tapped them gingerly; others smashed theirs into the table (or into other people's eggs!).

Have you ever done something like this? I haven't made them for a couple years, but they're such a fun alternative to a more traditional Easter basket.

(Image credits: Faith Durand)