A DIY Wire Utensil Rack Is Such a Smart Solution for Behind the Stove

Kitchen Inspiration

If you've ever wondered what to do with that empty space behind your stove, this is one stylish yet practical solution: a wire utensil rack! Even better, you can make this one yourself.

Last fall Mandi Johnson showed off her beautiful kitchen renovation on A Beautiful Mess. There were so many lovely elements, but the one that caught my eye was the utensil rack hanging on the rack behind her stovetop. It was minimal and cool. It was also, as it turned out, a DIY project that only cost $38. She writes:

When I first considered how to implement visible utensil storage in my own kitchen, I thought I would mount a rail on the wall below the upper shelf and use S-hooks to hang regularly used utensils. But I had such a large, open space on the backsplash that was begging to be filled, so I decided to fashion a wire rack instead— one that could hold skillets and strainers as well as utensils. I love the industrial/country quality it adds to the space, and also the versatility of the rack. I can hang as many or as few things on it depending on how clean or cluttered I want this wall to be.

The rack is made from a wire mesh rebar that's been scrubbed, primed, painted, and hung on a few support hooks.

Fantastic! Do you think you'll give it a try?

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(Image credits: A Beautiful Mess)