This Delicious Butter Is Actually Made of Maple Syrup

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Earlier today we showed you the oh-so-easy method for making butter at home. And since I now have butter on the brain, let's talk about another kind of butter that is also quite easy to make, and, if possible, even more amazing and delicious.

This is not butter in that it is made from cream and can be used in pâte feuilletée. But it is butter in the sense that it is very, very, very good on toast.

It's butter made from maple syrup and nothing else — it's also called maple cream. You make it by heating maple syrup, then whipping it as it cools down. The syrup crystallizes and thickens, and it becomes a thick spreadable paste like creamed honey or soft butter. Pure maple syrup on toast? Now doesn't that sound like a treat?

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