(Image credit: Sprinkle Bakes)

I've seen this recipe floating around Pinterest the last couple days and had to share. This dessert is the perfect way to finish off a dinner party during a hot summer day, but it's looks are a little deceiving. Can you guess what this "cake" is made out of?

Did you guess it? The cake is made out of watermelon!

(Image credit: Sprinkle Bakes )

I've seen watermelon cakes before, and Faith even wrote about one a couple years ago, but this one is too pretty to pass up. Instead of just using watermelon for the "cake", blogger Sprinkle Bakes added a smooth layer of homemade whipped cream to the outside and then topped with melon balls – so pretty! How refreshing does that sound on a hot day?

Recipe: Fresh Watermelon Cake from Sprinkle Bakes