This Bowl of Cereal Is Actually a Cake

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Yes, you read that right — this adorable "bowl of cereal" is actually a cake. Want to surprise and delight the cereal-lovers in your life? This is definitely the dessert to make.

Ta-da! I told you it was a cake.

The recipes for both the cake and frosting are fairly basic — although the cake batter does have crushed cereal in it! — but the key to this seemingly fancy cake is the way you bake it. You actually pour the batter into an oven-safe bowl, and then dump it out once the cake has baked and cooled.

After scooping out a little bit of the cake center, you fill it with your cereal of choice (the author went for Froot Loops here), and frost the outside of the "bowl." Pretty amazing, right?

Get the Recipe: DIY Cereal Bowl Cake from Studio DIY

(Image credits: Studio DIY)