What's in Your Freezer?

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Other than the obvious (bags of frozen peas, popsicles, and ice cream) we were taught to keep certain things in the freezer for freshness and taste. Things like:

• Opened bags of powdered sugar
• Unbaked sheets of pizza dough
• Nuts
• Wheat germ and other grains
• Overripe bananas
• Bread or English muffins on sale and bought in bulk
• Homemade chicken stock

We still keep most of those things in the freezer, but we've added a few more:

• Soft or brown vegetables to use for stock
• Leftover soup
• A bottle of good gin

And we've broken with family tradition by NEVER keeping our coffee in the freezer; the cold itself doesn't hurt it, but the evaporating moisture when it enters and leaves the freezer quickly damages flavor.

What do you store in your freezer, as opposed to the cupboard?

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