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A little Wednesday linkage - read on for our bookmark picks today...

Low-brow? Too college frat-party? We kind of like it, to be honest. Stick a faucet in your watermelon and make your hairy buffalo (or spodi, if you're being elegant) party a little more genteel.

How to make a drunken watermelon on tap

From the "know exactly what you're putting into your mouth" department: Chocolate with calories printed on each piece.

Adieffe Design (in Italian)

Yes, those are Tetris and Space Invaders cookies. The Mario of course is unmistakable. Delicious XML, the ultimate iMac cake, and more. Do not miss the Yoda.

13 Geeky Baked Goods at Geekcrafts.com

Better than an apron: here's a glow-in-the-dark Obama wine cork. There are Bill and Bush versions too.

Barack Obama Bottle Stopper Glow-in-the-Dark, $9.99 at rovakada's Etsy shop.

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