The Very Best Toffee in the Country!

Maxwell's Toffee Test 2012

This year we put out the call for great toffee suggestions and submissions from around the country and received ten amazing toffees to sample. After intense tasting in our offices over two days, everyone voted. It was a close race, but two toffees rose to the top. Read on to see all the entrants and our top picks!
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See 2013's winners:

Our Top Picks!

Number one was homemade toffee by Sharlyn Huber of Sabetha, Kansas, which blew the office away.

Try it! You can reach her at Sharlyn_73 at Amazing toffee.

The other was Elan's Toffee by Maralyn in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Try it! Elan Candies by Maralyn
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The Full Field

The rest were all excellent, but we had to let the final voting by ten people tell the story and rank them in this way. Each person got to give each toffee tasted a 1, 2 or a 3, with 1 being the best. At the end we added up all the votes and the one with the lowest number won. Here are the results for 2012:

2012's Best Toffee Ranking:
  1. Elan's Candies Toffee
  2. Toffee Talk

  3. Vermont Krunch Toffee Co.
  4. Oh My Toffee!
  5. Celebration Toffee by Whole Foods
  6. Simmering Sugar Gourmet Toffee
  7. Darden & Wells Toffee Co.
  8. Tungsten Toffee

I want to specially thank everyone for contributing to this years Toffee Test. You are all now on our radar and we're going to be talking about you all year.

Best, Maxwell

The list again with pictures:

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  • Elan's Candies Toffee
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  • Toffee Talk
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  • Vermont Krunch Toffee Co.
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  • Oh My Toffee!
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  • Celebration Toffee by Whole Foods
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  • Simmering Sugar Gourmet Toffee
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  • Darden & Wells Toffee Co.
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  • Tungsten Toffee
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