The Ultimate Egg-in-a-Basket Recipe: Secrets of Truffled Egg Toast from 'ino

The Ultimate Egg-in-a-Basket Recipe: Secrets of Truffled Egg Toast from 'ino

Faith Durand
Sep 4, 2012

Truffled egg toast. For New York City fans of the pocket-sized West Village café 'ino, this phrase brings an involuntary shiver of hunger. 'ino's egg toast is perhaps the ultimate expression of egg-in-basket: Thick bread, barely toasted, gooey with cheese, brimming with barely cooked egg, scented with truffles. And you can make this paragon of egg toast at home — here's a video to show you how.

Eater NY interviewed 'ino owner Jason Denton on the method behind his better-than-crack truffled egg toast. See how it's made: all you need is good thick bread, fontina cheese, a couple egg yolks, and truffle oil.

Here, too, is a recipe from Serious Eats:

Sunday Brunch: Truffled Egg Toast at Serious Eats

Now, I know it's annoying when you don't live in a town and the residents wax poetic about foods you probably will never try. But really. 'ino's egg toast is special. Whenever I visit New York I try to have it for lunch at least once, and when my husband comes along on these trips he makes a beeline for the place. It's really worth recreating at home — cheesy, gooey, toasty, truffley.

Have you ever made 'ino's egg toast at home? There's really no other way I would prefer to eat an egg.

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(Image: Flickr member ulterior epicure licensed for use under Creative Commons; video from Eater NY)

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