This $10 Digital Thermometer Is an Amazon Best-Seller

This $10 Digital Thermometer Is an Amazon Best-Seller

Ariel Knutson
Apr 5, 2017

A kitchen thermometer is an essential kitchen tool. You can pick up a super-inexpensive one at the grocery store if you need it, or splurge on the $100 instant-read thermometer, or you could take the middle ground. Right now on Amazon you can buy a ThermoPro digital thermometer for just $10. It normally costs $30, so that means it's close to 70 percent off right now.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Assistant Food Editor Kelli Foster says she loves this budget kitchen thermometer. "The first thing that drew me to it is that the probe folds into the thermometer. I also feel like it reads the temp faster than other ones I've used," she explains. "It's simple, doesn't take up a lot of space, and is super easy to find in a drawer full of gadgets because it's bright red."

This thermometer is a best-seller on Amazon. It has about 550 reviews, and close to a five-star rating. One of the reviewers said they compared it to their $100 Thermapen, and it had the same results. For a fraction of the price, that's hard to beat.

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