The Strangest Food I Ever Ate: Astronaut Food

When I was a child, we were mad for all things "aerospace." The USA had put a man on the moon and a couple of years later every child sat down to a glass of Tang at the breakfast table. I was too little to know just what I was drinking (ingredients list below the jump) but it sure was cool. Even cooler were something called Space Food Sticks...

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Space Food Sticks were the first power bar. They were designed to deliver astronauts a shot of energy and nutrition in the form of a small, play dough-like cylinder that would fit through the little hole in their large bubble helmets.

They we all the rage for a while, until the energy crisis hit in the mid-70's and the space program dried up. Tang survived but Space Food Sticks disappeared...until recently. It appears loyal fans have found a way to bring them back. They stock what I remember to be my favorite flavor--peanut butter-- as well as chocolate.

(Image: Funky Food Shop)

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