The Semi-Secret Glories of Rotisserie Chicken

Take a look at this rotisserie chicken, a common sight on the streets of Paris and other French cities. These roasting birds release an aroma that fills your heart with longing for a bite of juicy chicken with crisp browned skin. But an even more glorious treat lies below — can you see?

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Baby potatoes, roasting in a pan below, and — drip by drip — saturated with chicken fat.

How delicious is that! I saw these in Lyon, and in Paris on rue Montorgueil, a street with trendy cafés and quite a lot of food shopping. (I'll have more peeks from this street later this week!)

I didn't have a chance to buy a chicken when I was in Paris last week, but oh how I wanted to! It also inspired me — chicken with potatoes is such an easy, basic dish, and yet I don't usually roast potatoes under my chicken. Next week I will roast a chicken on a rack and place potatoes below just like this so they receive that slow drip of chicken juices and fat.

Have you ever eaten one of these rotisserie chickens with the glorious potatoes below?

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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