Mac and Cheese: The Secret to Making It Rich and Creamy

Let's face it: there has been no lack of macaroni and cheese coverage on The Kitchn. We'll admit it. We like the stuff. But recently we stumbled upon a great tip to give your favorite mac and cheese recipe the creamiest boost.

Drum roll, please: Instead of water, cook your macaroni noodles in the milk itself! This tip from the Heavenly Homemakers not only gives it a super creaminess, but the starch from the pasta thickens the milk into a bit of a sauce, so you're going to have a nice thick, rich pot of cheesy goodness. Now that you've got a new tip in your arsenal, it's time to use it with one of your favorite recipes. Or, as always, try one of ours.

A Few of Our Favorite Mac & Cheese Recipes:
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Martha Stewart's Mac and Cheese

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(Images: Martha Stewart)