The Prettiest Way to Display Your Dyed Easter Eggs

Daily Find 03.21.16

Le Creuset Egg Carton

• $20
Le Creuset

What is it about a pretty ceramic egg carton that makes us weak at the knees? We love proudly displaying them on our brunch table or just opening up the fridge and seeing that pop of color.

These egg cartons from Le Creuset — made from stoneware and available in Easter-appropriate pastels, as well as all the signature Le Creuset colors — are at the top of our list.

The latest wave of colors from Le Creuset for spring is called Oasis, and includes the hues Soleil, Hibiscus, Palm, and Caribbean (i.e., the perfect palette for an Easter celebration).

In addition to storing your eggs in the fridge or serving hard-boiled eggs on your brunch table, we love to use these stoneware cartons when setting up our mise en place for a recipe.

Can't decide which color you need in your kitchen? May we suggest two?

(Image credits: Le Creuset; Le Creuset)