(Image credit: Napkin Table )

Do you find it annoying when a dining companion reaches for their cell phone mid-meal or generally shows a lack of interest in conversation? Napkin Table wants to change the way we communicate with each other during a meal.

The transportable dining table that wraps around your neck like a bib is the brainchild of few graduate design students from Tunghai University of Taiwan. The purpose behind these napkins according to the creators is to create mindful eating in the face of modern technology.

(Image credit: Hung Lu, Chan )

The Napkin Table forces the two people wearing it to look at each other while they eat. It comes with cupholders and ample room to place your food-laden plate. Need a napkin to wipe your face? The Napkin Table has you covered.

(Image credit: Hung Lu, Chan )

Outside of better communication, the Napkin Table is especially great for transportation. It can easily folded to be compact, and it also comes with handles.

See the Napkin Table in action