The Perfect Kitchen Throw Rug:
Swedish Plastic Floor Mats from Plastica

The Perfect Kitchen Throw Rug:
Swedish Plastic Floor Mats from Plastica

Cambria Bold
Sep 26, 2013

Earlier this week I showed you the wonderful woods wallpaper that caught my eye in a recent Design*Sponge Sneak Peek tour. There was more to love in that home, though, including the pink patterned throw rug in the kitchen. Who made it, I wondered? Thankfully it wasn't hard to find the source.

Owner Sonja Rasula raves to Design*Sponge about the rug in her kitchen: "[It's] amazing because it’s very soft and durable, and can be put in the washing machine. EVERYONE asks me where I bought it," she says." At Plastica!"

Plastica? I wasn't familiar with the store, but one Google search later and I was there: the Stockholm Savanne Rug is actually a Swedish floormat made of recycled plastic strips. It comes in six colors and seven sizes, and ranges in price from $60 to $240. (That was the only bummer — I thought the price was a little rich for a kitchen floormat.) But, as is essential for any kitchen rug, the rug is totally machine washable, and the plastic components make it resistant to mold. Plus, it's made of a "thick weave that is comfortable to walk on" — certainly important for those long cooking marathons!

Find It! Stockholm Savanne Rugs, $60 - $240 at Plastica

All of that together makes it pretty close to the perfect kitchen rug in my view. I'd buy it in a second if it was just a little cheaper. But I'm curious: do you have one of these Swedish plastic floormats in your kitchen? Or another kitchen throw rug that you love and would recommend?

Via Design*Sponge

(Images: 1. Laure Joliet; 2; Plastica)

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