(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Do you love cheese? No, do you really love cheese? Then this may be the household accessory you never knew you needed: meet the Parmesan Cheese Lamp!

Made by a company in the Netherlands, the Parmesan Cheese Lamp does not, in fact, contain any cheese; it is a plastic replica of a wheel of cheese, outfitted to be a pendant lamp that can accomodate a 60-watt light bulb. It will come as no surprise to cheese-lovers that a special cheese like this doesn't come cheap — the lamps range from 200 to 275 euros (about $260 to $360), plus shipping charges from the Netherlands.

Still, it might be worth it just for the party conversation possibilities.

Check it out: Parmesan Cheese Lamp at (you guessed it) ParmesanCheeseLamp.com

Do you have any cheese-lovers in your life who would appreciate a lamp like this?

(Image: Parmesan Cheese Lamp)