The One Weird Place I Use Hummus

The One Weird Place I Use Hummus

Sheela Prakash
Sep 12, 2016

I am constantly looking for ways to use up the extra large batches of hummus I make or the tubs I buy on sale at the grocery store. And while I can confidently polish off a fair share with pita chips or crackers, there's always some leftover that needs using.

When our associate food editor Meghan clued me into her favorite, but most surprising, way to use hummus, I didn't believe her until I tried it. Now I am a convert.

Mac and Cheese Meet Hummus!

Meghan stirs a little hummus into her mac and cheese and now, so do I.

Originally done to boost the nutrition of the stovetop mac and cheese she makes for her kids, she now does it simply because it tastes great. Once I gave it a try I loved how it not only made my mac and cheese even creamier, but it added a nutty, garlicky flavor to the bowl that made it more intriguing. It also cools the pasta off quickly so you can dig your fork into it faster.

Try It! Stir about 1/4 to a 1/2 cup of homemade or store-bought hummus into stovetop mac and cheese after tossing the cooked pasta with the cheese sauce. You can also add hummus to baked mac and cheese. Just add it before you sprinkle over the breadcrumbs and bake it.

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Do you have any unconventional places that you use hummus?

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