The New US Food Guidelines: Eat Less Sugar, I Guess

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On January 7, after much debate and turmoil over the last year, the U.S. government dietary guidelines were finally updated. These guidelines are used to determine things like America's federal school meals and other food programs.

Here's how the new guidelines say we should be feeding ourselves.

As Quartz notes, the new U.S. food guidelines are not so different than the ones put in place five years ago. This is why they are controversial. A government panel of nutritionists had made strong recommendations for including lowering our intake of red meat and taking strides toward environmental sustainability. Both of these things were not included in the final set of guidelines after intense pushback from the food industry.

What was included, however, was a call to lower our intake of sugary treats, like candy and soda. The guidelines recommend that only 10 percent of our caloric intake come from added sugars. There is also some mention that consumers should focus on adding more legumes and seafood to their diet — instead of just eating red meat.

(Image credits: Faith Durand)