The Man's Kitchen & the Real Scoop on Lactose Intolerance

This Time Last Year

This time a year ago we were talking about keeping cool (see: Cajun lemonade, cucumber ice pops, brownie ice cream sandwiches...) and showing you some really gorgeous kitchens. We were also talking about some lesser-known berries, giving you the facts on lactose intolerance, and discussing the best knife for cutting tomatoes. Plus: 5 favorite old-fashioned kitchen gadgets, exotic foods we'd like to try (and ones we'd rather avoid), and the best granola ever. Read on for these posts plus lots more from this week a year ago.

Posts pictured above are in bold below.

• Two dramatically beautiful kitchens in California: A sustainable renovation in LA and a special Silverlake kitchen.

• A food-lover's guide to Brooklyn.

Julie & Julia opened! Did you go see it on opening weekend?

Pie pops!

Mark Bittman and his (part-time) vegan diet.

• Five favorite old-fashioned kitchen gadgets.

• Leea's lovely budget kitchen makeover.

The best granola ever.

Exotic foods we'd like to try — as well as a few we'd rather just avoid.

Cold-brewed iced coffee for hot days. Oh, and Cajun lemonade, strawberry lemonade and brownie ice cream sandwiches are also good for sweltering afternoons.

The man's kitchen — complete with butcher and full wash-down. Love this video!

• Are you really lactose intolerant? Maybe, maybe not!

• A review of the Element Grill from Fuego.

Cucumber ice pops with lime and chile.

• Ever tried ollalieberries or thimbleberries?

• The best knife for cutting tomatoes.

• How can home cooks calculate nutrition info?

• See all the posts from this week a year ago.

Previous Year Ago Lookback: 20 Ways to Cook Anything & 10 Useful Kitchen Gadgets

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