A few of the most common questions we get here at The Kitchn start like this: What do I do with ______? and How do I use up a lot of _______?

Fill in the blank: onions, lemons, exotic oils, coconut jam, duck fat, an abundance of hot peppers, quinoa, barley, leftover pie dough, rice, pasta — the list goes on and on. Maybe you also are discovering some leftovers or challenging ingredients as you clean out your pantry and fridge for the Cure. Well, don't throw them away, here's a smart way to use up every last bit!






Other Refrigerated Foods

Rice & Grains

Baking Items

Pantry Items


Herbs & Spices

Dinner Leftovers


Holiday Foods

OK, what did we miss? Are you using up your leftovers or extra ingredients in creative ways? Tell us!

This post has been updated - originally published April 2009.