Microwave Potato Chips, Spicy Cheese Bread, & How To Re-Grow Scallions

The Kitchn's Top Posts of February 2012

What were our readers hungry for in February? Spicy pull-apart cheese bread, homemade potato chips (in the microwave!), a dozen recipes to know by heart, and more! Read on for these and more hot posts from February 2012.

Top 10 Posts of February 2012

• 1 12 Recipes to Know By Heart
• 2 Re-Growing Green Onions: Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill
• 3 Recipe: Pull-Apart Spicy Cheese Bread
• 4 How to Make Potato Chips in the Microwave
• 5 The 40 Most Common Cooking Mistakes
• 6 15 Essential Building Blocks for Quick Weeknight Meals
• 7 12 Hearty, Healthy & Colorful Salads to Brighten Your Winter Lunch
• 8 Deep, Dark Chocolate Cookies, Cake & Fudge: 20 of Our Best Chocolate Recipes
• 9 Intimate Portraits of People Eating at Home: The Dinner in NY Project by Miho Aikawa
• 10 Recipe: Savory Oatmeal Cookies

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