The Kitchn's Top 10 Recipes of All Time

Morning Roundup

Just for kicks, we thought we'd take a quick look back at our top 10 most popular recipes EVER. From 10 to 1, here they are!

10 Homemade Thin Crust Pizza
9 Rich No-Cream Wild Mushroom Pasta Sauce
8 Pumpkin Spice Latte
7 DIY Potato Chips in the Microwave
6 Lobster to Sweet & Sour: How To Make 6 Stir-Fry Sauces

Read on for the top five …

5 No-Knead Bread in a Hurry
4 Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze
3 Appetizer Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Potato Bites with Spicy Sour Cream Dipping Sauce
2 How To Make Cake Pops
1 How To Make Creamy Ice Cream with Just One Ingredient!

(Images: Faith Durand; Elizabeth Passarella)

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Kitchn Recipe Roundup, Roundup

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