The Kitchn's Most Popular Drinks of 2015

Recipes from The Kitchn

Give us fruit, give us fizz, and don't forget a splash of something boozy. This year sangria, pitcher cocktails, and one creamy, dreamy milkshake stole the show when it came to the things we loved to stir, shake, sip, and pour.

1. Peach Plum Sangria

The double punch of fresh peaches and peach brandy really make this sangria seem like summer in a glass. We bet you'll love munching on the flavored fruit after finishing the whole pitcher.

2. Mixed Melon & Limoncello Sangria

If you've got a couple of melons around for fruit salad, there's no reason you can't make this easy sangria! It's a nice change from a more traditional citrus-based sangria, but there's still limoncello in there for some zing. Don't forget the mint, as it adds vibrant color and nice, herbal flavors.

3. Summer Berry Sangria

Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries have this sangria screaming summer! Load it up with ice, top with some chilled club soda, and enjoy it on a hot summer day — or skip the ice and sip it as is year-round.

4. Sparkling Cherry Rosé Sangria

If you like cherries, you can't go wrong with this sangria. It has a triple dose of cherries: fresh cherries, cherry liquor, and even cherry bitters! It's a beautiful, refreshing drink since it has both rosé wine and club soda, and the rosemary sprigs add a touch of savory, herbal flavors to balance everything out.

5. Cucumber, Ginger & Prosecco Sangria

Sangria doesn't have to be super sugary — in fact, many lean to the lighter, brighter side. This one uses a honey syrup instead of the traditional sugar, has spicy notes of ginger, and is finished off with refreshing bubbles from a sparkling wine.

6. Lemongrass, Lime & Thai Basil Mojito

This drink is a riff on the classic mojito, but made with very traditional Thai ingredients. The combination of aromatic Thai basil, lime, and lemongrass syrup make for a refreshing, clean drink.

7. The Tipsy Ginger

This all-in-one holiday drink combines your favorite vanilla ice cream, a gingerbread cookie, milk, and a generous splash of spiced rum for an easy-to-make cocktail that you make and serve in a Mason jar in under five minutes.

8. Bryant Terry's Gunpowder Lemonade

Need an update on lemonade? Bryan Terry's combination of Chinese gunpowder green tea with spearmint syrup and fresh lemon juice makes an invigorating, minty green tea lemonade that is perfect for summer sipping.

9. Super Budget Thanksgiving Sangria

This simple sangria is budget-friendly, thanks to the fact that you are stretching your wine with less expensive ingredients — in this case, tonic water. And when you're cramming in so much fruit and fizzy water, let's be real — you don't need to use fancy wine.

10. Cherry-Vanilla Soda Syrup

Made with just a few ingredients including a whole vanilla bean, stir this syrup into plain seltzer for a just-sweet-enough soda, or go crazy and make homemade cherry Coke (or Pepsi, if that's your thing). You can even add a splash of bourbon or rum for a grown-up beverage.

(Image credits: Kimberley Hasselbrink; Michelle Peters-Jones; Nancy Mitchell; Melissa Ryan; Rachel Joy Baransi; Casey Barber)