The Kitchn's City Food Guides (So Far)

The Kitchn's City Food Guides (So Far)

Faith Durand
Aug 13, 2009
This summer we started to compile lists of the best shops, artisans, and markets for cooks and food-lovers in some of the cities where you, our readers, live. We've covered fourteen towns so far, and we'll be covering more soon! Your contributions and comments are a huge part of making these guides useful resources. Thank you so much! Here are links to the City Food Guides we've created so far.

There are plenty more to come, and we'll be going back and updating these as well.

The Kitchn's City Food Guides for Food-Lovers and Cooks

Austin, Texas

Baltimore, Maryland

Boston, Massachusetts

Brooklyn, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Kansas City, Missouri

London, England

Los Angeles, California

Portland, Oregon

San Francisco, California

Manhattan, New York

Orlando, Florida

Seattle, Washington

Vancouver, British Columbia

Atlanta is on the horizon, as are Washington D.C. and Montreal. Where should we visit next? Any suggestions?

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