The Kitchn on Cheese: 123 Cheese Reviews, Tips and Guides

The Kitchn on Cheese: 123 Cheese Reviews, Tips and Guides

Faith Durand
Jun 2, 2009
Nora the Cheesemonger is away this week, so we decided to look back at all the cheeses we've covered over the years. You may not realize how many cheeses we've looked at, talked about, and reviewed. We found over 80 varieties of cheese reviewed in our archives, plus articles on how to serve, taste, store, and really enjoy good cheese. And have you ever wondered why there are holes in cheese, or why some cheese is crunchy? And what's the deal with raw and pasteurized milk cheeses anyway? All the answers are right here. Read on for over 123 tips, ideas, reviews, and just plain old inspiration for eating more cheese!!

Cheese Reviews, A to Z

Alderbrook - Willow HillAmarelo de Beira BaixaAmanteigadoAscutney MountainBanonBirchrun BlueBloomsdayBrillat SavarinBrieBrie - High and LowBrin d'AmourBurrataCalifornia/ShachatCamembert - BlythedaleCayuga BlueChabichou du PoitouCheddarCheese CurdsChèvre - Lake Erie CreameryConstant BlissCottage CheeseCooleaDanteDrumm - Bobolink DairyAll About FetaFiore SardoFlixerFoglie BergereForsterkaseGamonedoGorwydd CaerphillyGoat CheeseGouda the GreatGreat Hill BlueGrise des VolcansHaystack Mountain's SunlightHarpersfield - Brovetto DairyLeonoraLincolnshire PoacherAll About ManchegoMascarponeMonte EnebroMountain Top BleuMunsterMuracciole / Le Petit NîmoisNostrale di ElvaOriginal BluePave CorrezienPleasant Ridge ReservePyrenees Ossau VielleQueso de la GarrotxaQueso MahonRayja MetokReblochonRicotta SalataRobiolaRobiola La RossaRogue River BlueRoquefort CouletSarabande - Dancing CowSerra da EstrelaShepherd's BasketShushan Snow (Patrick's review) • Shushan Snow (Nora's review) • Soft Wheel - Twig FarmsSticheltonTaleggioTetillaTomme du BergerTomme de ChevreTomme de LozereTomme de SavoieTomme VaudoiseToussaintTronchonVacherin du Haut-DoubsVacherin FribourgeoisValdeon

The Science of Cheese

The (Raw) Milk ItselfRaw vs. Pasteurized CheesesBest Milk, Best CheeseOrganic Cheese: Friend or Foe?Is Grass-Fed Best?Why Fat Means Flavor in CheeseWhat Kind of Cheese Can I Make with My Rennet?How Understanding Ripeness Can Help You Pick Better CheeseA Bit of Crunch In Your Cheese?That Hole In Your CheeseYou Mite Like To Know...Why Is My Cheese Orange?Why is Blue Cheese Blue?Get Your Glue Out of My Cheese!For The Love of Brie: A Profile of Bloomy Rinded CheesesStinky! A Profile of Washed Rind CheesesCheddar Aging Time Lapse

Eating and Serving Cheese

How To Taste CheeseHow To Eat CheeseDon't Eat Cold Cheese! Recipe: Ploughman's LunchFondue: Tricks of the TradeEdgy Fondue for Blue Cheese LoversThe Cheesemonger Meets The Winemonger: A Cheese and Wine Pairing PrimerFor the Fig Lover In YouEasy Make-Them-Yourself Cheese AccompanimentsTo Rind or Not to Rind?Grill That CheeseWhite Pizza: Three Cheeses to Make You a BelieverQuick Tip: Make Cheese Rind Stock!The Fish and Cheese Debate

Choosing and Storing Cheese

Our Top Ten Cheeses for Cheap(er)The Cheesemonger's Top Ten Rules for Ultimate Cheese Sanity Don't Store Your Cheese In Plastic!Consider the LocalAn American Cheese Roundup, Just in Time for ThanksgivingWhat's Your Epiphanal Cheese?The Dessert CourseRoquefort: Get It While You Can(Good) News from the Cheese Front: Murray's Cheese Partners With Kroger

Cheese Resources

Paris FromageriesCheese BooksOur Favorite Cheese SitesVermont Butter and Cheese CompanyThe Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm Update Have a good cheese tip or recommendation? What's the best cheese you've tried lately? Send us a tip!
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