The Kitchen Readers Cook Up New Year's Eve Storm!

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This is the sort of thing the editor of a blog loves: Two of our loyal readers, Kathryn and Luigi, got together on New Year's Eve in Chicago (Luigi flew in!) and cooked a New Year's Eve feast.

From what we can tell, the feast included some great wine and champagne, a white bean and parsley dip with crackers, some kind of simple blanched asparagus, something ricey or risotto-y with cauliflower and currants (this is a wild guess), a roast pork loin with pancetta, "lasagna rolls," and a gorgeous "torte di ciccolata."

Perhaps Kathryn or Luigi can tell us more...?

Click here for the photographs. (Warning: New Yorkers with tiny apartments may experience some envy of Kathryn's Chicago loft.)

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