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Like we said the other day, IKEA is best used in moderation. But there are some good buys there and we have a few favorites that have done very well for us. Here's another IKEA pick: the all-cotton TEKLA towel! Now, these don't actually come in napkin form, but...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
...we bought an extra dozen to use as folded cloth napkins for more informal dinner parties! We love their delicate yet strong cotton fabric, and the French-inspired red stripe. We find that the thin fabric doesn't wrinkle as badly as our heavier-weight fabric napkins.

We have over two dozen of these very inexpensive towels. We do think that most kitchen towels should be inexpensive; we have to replace ours regularly. They get burnt, soiled, stained, and basically shredded. It's nice that we can cheaply replace them for less than $0.50 apiece.

TEKLA dishtowel, $0.49 at IKEA. Not available online.

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