The Hungry Reader: What Are You Reading This Week?

We are happy readers, here at The Kitchn, and as we announced last week, this month we're taking a trip through books that have inspired us to cook (and eat!).

We are curious whether you're reading anything right now that is inspiring you. This could be a food magazine or a cookbook - or it could be a novel, a memoir, or a children's picture book.

We were inspired by Julia Child's memoir, our Book Club pick, to try sole meunière this week. Does anyone want to join us?

Tell us what you're reading - does it inspire you to cook?

We're reading through our old copies of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House series. These are such classics and since we've not read them as adults, we never realized how good the writing is! Transparent, simple prose with such vivid images - especially of food! It makes us want to try green pumpkin pie (tastes like apples!) and homemade ginger water.

(Image credits: Collage built from these images: Vintage fruit ad and Public domain woodcut)

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