The Hungry Reader: Do You Read While Eating?

The last time we lived with roommates, they were regularly bemused to see us sitting at the table with food and wine laid out and one of these wire bookstands propped up with our latest read. Evening meals in a busy household, after a hectic day of work, were a more relaxing affair when shared with a book.

Do you read while you eat?

We like this little bookstand; it's similar to the one we used. You can order this Page Boy through Highsmith for $8.25. If you are a Canadian reader it is $5.99 at Chairlines. You can also find it in a lot of big bookstores; we bought ours at Borders or Barnes& Noble.

We have problems propping up books while we eat - especially in restaurants. Stacking other books on the side to keep the pages open, or leaning it up against the napkin holder helps. Of course, you have to deal with the spatter/drip problem too. Are your books stained with coffee like ours?

If you eat while reading, how do you manage your book and your fork?

(Food image credit: SIU Dining Services)

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