The Great Appliance Purge: An Update

You may recall that a few months ago we took stock of our 13 small kitchen appliances, got rid of some, and were left questioning a few others. Did we make the right choices? Here's where things stand three months later…

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What went: An ineffective upright blender, a rice cooker we never really liked, an electric kettle we gave to mom (she loves it!), a seldom-used waffle cone maker, and an unnecessary yogurt maker. Any regrets? Nope! The rice cooker was the scariest appliance to part with but we've been using a ddukbaegi pot to cook rice and it turns out better. Best of all, the kitchen is now less cluttered and easier to keep clean.

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What stayed: stand mixer, food processor, convection toaster oven, seltzer water maker, juicer. We feel we made the right decisions for the way we cook and eat. A juicer and SodaStream might not be necessary tools for some, but we use them frequently. This project also brought our attention to the fact that we weren't taking full advantage of our KitchenAid attachments — we've been making lots of pasta since!

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What stayed ... but not for long: coffee maker, coffee grinder, hand mixer. The boyfriend has decided to replace his coffee tools with a smaller Aeropress and a hand grinder. And thanks to reader comments, we realized we could replace the hand mixer with a more versatile immersion blender. (Any recommendations?)

Take a look around your kitchen – which small appliance could you give up? And which one is an absolute necessity?

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(Image: Cuisinart 3-Cup Food Processor, Cuisinart SmartStick, VitaMix)

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