The Flatware Set That Breaks the Rules

The Flatware Set That Breaks the Rules

(Image credit: CB2)

Flatware isn't just silver anymore. It comes in various hues of gold, not to mention bronze, matte black, and pink enamel. Basically, the new rule of flatware is that there are no rules — and we're totally on board. Still, we can't decide what to make of this shimmery set we spotted in CB2's pre-fall catalog.

The stainless steel set is like a mullet: It has a fairly classic silhouette, but the iridescent finish says, "let's get this party started." Which leaves us wondering: Do you break it out on disco night or use it for everyday?

We spied another option at the MOMA Store, and ABC Carpet & Home carries an exclusive line of Italian-made flatware. You can opt for the full dinnerware set or try the trend out with a serving utensil.

What do you think? Would you use this groovy flatware?

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