The Essential Pumpkin Carving Toolkit

Good Eats! A Weekly Roundup from Serious Eats

Every week we bring you our favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats. This week? The essential pumpkin carving kit, fried squid with marinara sauce, and a recipe for dried apple chips!

Equipment: Essential Pumpkin Carving Toolkit - Don't forget the spoon.

Fried Squid With Marinara Sauce - Tender and light fried squid, fried for only a minute.

Cauliflower Stew With Lamb - Potatoes and cauliflower, with a meaty punch from the lamb.

Roasted New Potato Salad With Poblano Mayo - Smoky, slightly spicy, and complex. A dynamic potato salad!

How to Make Dried Apple Chips - Crispy, toasty chips (also works with pears...).

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(Image: Serious Eats)