The Edible Estates Project

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Now and then we get really envious of the life out in LA. They have good Mexican food, jazz ensembles and great produce year-round at their farmers' markets, and now people ripping up their entire front lawns and replacing them with the 'front lawns of the future': vegetable gardens.


Alec over at Apartment Therapy LA brought The Edible Estates project to our attention. For their Spring 2006 installation, the project is looking for "the skilled, eager and adventurous occupants of one conventional American house on a typical street of endless sprawling lawns. These L.A. citizens should be brave enough to break this toxic uniformity, by having their entire front lawn removed and replaced by an edible landscape. As role models they will then proudly devote themselves to the indefinite cultivation of fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs for all neighbors and car traffic to see."

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