The Easiest, Simplest Way to Make Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

So, it's getting hot out, and you (or maybe your kids) are craving something cold. But ice cream and popsicles aren't exactly a mid-day snack. You know what is, though? Yogurt! Here's a simple, easy way to make frozen yogurt pops with almost no work whatsoever.

Kare at The Hazel Bloom shows us how to make frozen yogurt pops with nothing more than individually-sized yogurt cups and sticks. Pop a stick in, freeze, and ta-da — a nice frozen yogurt pop to lick on a hot day.

We imagine this would work best with full-fat yogurt, but that's still a healthier treat than the more indulgent weekend sundaes.

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Have you ever tried this? How did it work out? (Other ideas for yogurt pops — use a vacuum sealer, or just freeze in a loaf pan and slice.)

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(Image: Kare of Kitchen Treaty)