The Cookbook Wall: Bookstore-Style Cookbook Storage

5 Second Rule

Where do you store your cookbooks? Do they live in the kitchen, or somewhere else in the house? Cheryl Sternman Rule at 5 Second Rule has a unique way of storing and displaying a rotating selection of her cookbooks. She puts them up, face-out, on shelves right in the kitchen!

Cheryl shows off her wall o' cookbooks in a post on recipe organization and searching. She puts up the books she's currently cooking out of (see all those sticky notes and tabs in the pages?) and rotates them regularly.

For someone like me, who tends to gravitate towards whatever is right in front of me, this would be a great way to remember the books I have been meaning to cook out of. Having their bright faces right there on the wall would be terrific; it's like they are all saying, "Remember me? Remember?"

Of course, I have no wall space available in my kitchen, so this will have to wait for now. But I just had to show it to you; it's a fun idea, for the right space.

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How do you store your cookbooks?

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(Image: Cheryl Sternman Rule)

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