The Christmas Pickle and Other Vegetable-Shaped Glass Ornaments

It sounds funny, but the Christmas pickle is a real tradition that dates back to the turn of the century. It doesn't involve an actual pickle, but a blown glass ornament in the shape of the crunchy treat that is hung on the Christmas tree. As the first to find the pickle on the tree, one receives a special gift or the promise of good fortune in the year to come.

You can purchase pickle ornaments from several sources to make the tradition your own. Or, for a veritable salad on the tree, look for other vegetable-shaped, blown glass ornaments. It is thought that the pickles originated around the turn of the century, at which time French imports of glass vegetable ornaments to the U.S. began.

(Image credits: Terrain; Crate & Barrel; Sur la Table; Bronner's)

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