The Celluloid Pantry: Baby Food and Bed & Board (France, 1970)

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When you can't get out for groceries, you can always go back to basics.

For most of us, this means combing the cupboards for staples like rice, beans, and pasta, but in Francois Truffaut's Bed & Board (France, 1970), two young parents go all the way back to the nursery in their search.

When Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) arrives home after a long day's work, his wife, Christine (Claude Jade), asks him where the groceries are. She left a list on the table that morning. She had a special dinner planned.

"A list?" Antoine asks, "What list?"

With the stores all closed, and a babysitter nowhere to be found, the young couple's dinner options are limited, while their appetites grow.

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"What do we have in the fridge?" asks Antoine.

"Alphonse's baby food," Christine shrugs.

Settling down at the table, they feed each other gamely, while Alphonse contentedly sleeps.

"We'll buy more tomorrow," says Antoine. "Let's just hope he doesn't wake up."

- Nora

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The Celluloid Pantry

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