The Best Way To Store Scallions

There's nothing worse than pulling a bunch of scallions from the refrigerator and discovering that they've gone limp and slimy! With our CSA giving us heaps of spring onions these days, we realized we needed to find a better storage method…

We've tried wrapping them in paper, plastic, and cloth, placing them in a bag or in a drawer ... and finally discovered that the best way to keep them fresh seems to be in a jar filled with an inch or two of water. We remove the rubber band, stand the scallions in the jar, cover the whole thing with a plastic bag, and keep it in the fridge. Stored this way, the scallions stay crisp for about a week.

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Is this how you store scallions? Or have you found a better way?

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(Images: Flickr member Tim Sackton licensed under Creative Commons, Emily Ho)

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