(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)

It's August and we just might get a few peppers out of the garden. On the flip side, I've discovered that one of our tomato plants is plagued with blossom end rot:

After starting four Red Marconi sweet plants from seed indoors early in the spring, only one seedling survived to be transferred to the garden. It has been slow going, but after months now, we have pepper blossoms! We'll be looking for actual peppers soon, hoping that we get some good output before the first frost of autumn.

The four tomato plants, on the other hand, have been producing well. We have lots of cherry tomatoes and Arkansas Travelers. However, our yellow tomato plant has ben suffering from blossom end rot, which can be caused by lack of calcium in the soil or watering issues. See more on blossom end rot on GardenWeb. We might just skip this variety next year, as the other types have been much more successful.

One more tomato note: We're pruning all of the suckers off of the main vine. In turn, those suckers can be rooted to create new plants. I just tried it and our first "new" plant from a sucker is in the garden:

(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)

Last month, you saw our basil planted in pots. The plants just aren't growing as big as we would like, so with the space freed up by removing the "spent" zucchini plant from the garden, Ive planted new basil seeds. Hoping these have a chance to grow into late summer!

(Image credit: Regina Yunghans)

How's your garden doing?

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